Would they even consider your deal?

How do you know that what you're offering is what they are looking for? What makes you so sure. How can you be very specific that they will get what they want?

Why would someone visit YOUR website?

    List some of the primary reasons
  • reason 1
  • reason 2
  • reason 3

When can they expect results?

How fast can you give an answer? One or two sentences about the speed of service.
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Who exactly is your target customer?

Is there one phrase that would motivate them to consider hiring you? What is the answer they give you when they are interested?

What can they knock off their list while purchasing your service?

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X Item 3
X Item 4
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4

What exactly do they want

Most people want the same thing. Give it to them easily. Which other options are available? What is the same as they want? What is better than they thought? what is different that they should know?


Which Testimonials Support Your Most Popular Option?

  • Definitely worth the investment. This is simply unbelievable! Definitely worth the investment.
  • Corporate Pro has made us millionaires overnight. You guys rock!
    Front End Developer
  • It's all good. We can't understand how we've been living without Corporate Pro.
    Web Designer
  • I am so pleased with this product. It's just amazing. I'm liking Corporate Pro more and more each day.
    UX Designer



Where can they find answers to questions?

Mention your knowledge base, and that you can answer anything they need to know

Question 3

Answer 3

Question 2

Answer 2

Question 1

Answer 1

How do they know they are making the right choice?

Explain some of the common last reservations and how to overcome them so they can decide to purchase

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